Youth Alliance – Krusevo

Youth Alliance-Krushevo (YAK) is not your typical youth organization – we're a vibrant community of dynamic individuals aged 15 to 35, breaking barriers and reshaping the landscape of youth engagement since our establishment in 1999. It’s a movement dedicated to infusing life into every sphere of social existence. 107 enthusiastic members, actively working, studying, and championing the EU integration process of the region. Supported by a network of 109 national and international partners, 12 program-specific experts, and a squad of 25 energetic volunteers aged 16 to 23. Targeting the cool crowd aged 16-29 in North Macedonia, YAK's ripple effect extends to decision-makers, educational institutions, media, and the private sector. The best part? The entire population benefits as our engaged and employed youth become catalysts for socio-economic development. Our priorities? Think regional cooperation, youth involvement in EU integration, cutting-edge innovations, and a vibrant youth scene pulsating with participation and citizenship. YAK prioritizes regional cooperation, youth involvement in EU integration, youth employment and innovations, and youth participation and citizenship. Their activities encompass educational endeavors, advocacy initiatives, and networking events, with recognized projects like the International Youth Conference "European values for the future of SEE region" and Erasmus plus initiatives focusing on social entrepreneurship for youth employment and entrepreneurship. Other noteworthy projects include the establishment of Hellenic-North Macedonia youth cooperation offices designed to assess and enhance the bilateral cooperation.